Income Generation and Bid Writing

bid writingOur workshops are dynamic and interactive, giving you the very best opportunity to gain new skills, insights and knowledge to generating additional funds for your school. Over £1.5bn of external funding is available each year for schools to bid for – Chameleon Training and Consultancy can help load the dice in your favour and claim some of those funds for your school!

You may wish to attend one of our highly acclaimed masterclasses so that you can hone the skills necessary to write a successful funding bid, or you can ask us to manage the whole process for you, on a no win-no fee basis.

Masterclass Workshops:

    • In It To Win It. Our very popular half day or full day interactive workshop with all delegate materials and templates provided. Explore the 5 Cornerstones of Bid Writing and the strategic approach to fundraising, develop a funding plan that engages all stakeholders, understand your core values and how to articulate your vision to commercial partners and how you can ensure your projects offer sustainability and stand the test of time. We also look at sponsorship and commercial partnerships and some simple ways you can engage with your community.
    • Winning Bids Masterclass. Our specific masterclass designed to provide you with the confidence to write your own funding bids. We explore the various sources of funding, the structure of writing a successful bid, the key to emotive stories to engage the funder and the importance of having a funding strategy.

Specialist Bid Writing Services:

      • A complete bid writing service that takes away the responsibility of bid management from conception to delivery. Various options available including a “no win-no fee” basis – so if we’re not successful in delivering that funding bid, it would not have cost you a penny! Please remember though that you cannot use any grant awarded to pay our fee – the grant secured must be used to deliver the project specified on your application.

In-house, tailored solutions to meet your specific needs including:

    • Audit and Site Visit
    • Strategy and Planning (Environmental Scanning and Strategic Planning)
    • Exploring new Income Streams and maximising opportunities
    • Collaboration and Partnership with Business (sponsorship opportunities)

Please get in touch if you would like to see an outline of a typical Chameleon Training and Consultancy Workshop.

Please follow this link for an overview of our Winning Bids Masterclass.